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Carlos Agassi


Carlos Agassi, born December 12, 1979, is a Filipino actor, TV host, rap artist and model.

Carlos Agassi

Agassi is half Filipino and half Iranian. He is a star in a popular Philippine channel ABS-CBN. He hosts ASAP 06, stars in now defunct Bora: Sons of the Beach, and plays as an anti-protagonist role in Panday television series. Carlos Agassi is also known for his talent at rapping, hosting, acting, and is a member of The Hunks.

Since his emergence in the showbiz business, Carlos Agassi entertained his fans with his style and versatility: his transition from playing teenybopper roles to taking on more challenging characters.

Carlos Agassi

Agassi is now a regular mainstay of ASAP TV show every Sunday. He has also appeared in numerous successful TV series: Sa Dulo ng Walang Hanggan, Gimik, Nasaan Ka Man Naroroon, and Buttercup. His most notable movie role is playing the character of Isagani Bartolome in the much acclaimed Philippine movie Dekada '70 (2002).

Aside from acting, Agassi is also a popular model in the Philippines. He is the endorser for Hanford Sport as he personifies the spirit of the Hanford Sport line: he’s sensitivity, assertivenss and charm. He has also appeared in many TV commercials including Hanford briefs, Shakey’s pizza, and Stork can, to name a few.

Agassi is a happy person. He always has that smile on his face that reflects his positive outlook in life. He established a sure-hit campaign against drugs, the Carlos Agassi Basketball League in Puerto Princesa Palawan, with the help of his friends and fans.

Carlos Agassi

His hobbies include rapping and working out.

Carlos Agassi Carlos Agassi Carlos Agassi
Carlos Agassi Carlos Agassi Carlos Agassi
Carlos Agassi Carlos Agassi Carlos Agassi

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