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Seann William Scott


Seann William Scott was born in the small town of Cottage Grove, Minnesota on October 3rd, 1977. He attended Park High School, where he was voted most friendly by his classmates and was also homecoming king. He played sports and was a running back for the football team.

Seann William Scott

In 1995, he graduated early and decided to head out to California to pursue his love of films. Once he reached Los Angeles, he auditioned for various parts. He tried out for Baywatch, among other things, but wasn't cast. Scott had an accent when he moved from his home to California. Sometimes that prevented him from getting jobs, but he worked on improving the way he spoke.

In between acting gigs (after he even filmed American Pie), he worked as a gym trainer; worked as a host at the California Pizza Kitchen; fixed toilets at a law firm; worked at the L.A. Zoo, and worked in the plumbing department at the Home Depot. In time, he landed a role in the television series Sweet Valley High. Soon other roles followed. He played a football player in the "Hole in My Soul" video by the rock group, Aerosmith; a surfer in the comedy series, Unhappily Ever After; a Sunny Delight commercial; and also was in Something So Right. He was also featured in the tv movie Born into Exile.

Seann William Scott

Then he auditioned for American Pie. The Weitz brothers, who directed and produced the movie, saw a talent. They let Seann even give ideas on how to character should be. Scott has been quoted as saying "I didn't want to be the guy you loved to hate. That was too easy. I wanted him to be the guy you hated to love." He wasn't even sure that the acting thing would pan out, but then he landed the role in Final Destination which changed his opinion of his future in the movie business. Other acting parts came in such works as the short film Switch. He has been in the movies Road Trip, Dude Where's My Car?; Evolution; American Pie 2; Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back; Bulletproof Monk and American Wedding.

Other Infomation:

Height: 6"

Eye and hair color: brown

Plays the guitar

Favorite Sports: Football, Basketball, Baseball
Favorite Bands: Radiohead, Weezer, Dave Matthews, Pink Floyd, Rollingstones

Once mugged on his way to an audition for Baywatch

Went on his first road trip in Australia with some friends of his after he filmed Road Trip

Seann William Scott

The size of Seann's hometown is 33,000

He is nothing like Stifler. People who had met him say he is Mr. Nice Guy. During high school, he was classy, nice, and attended church. He was discovered in a talent competition in L.A. once, was flown out to New York to audition for the soap opera All My Children. He didn't land the part.

Seann wears glasses
Seann currently lives in L.A. with his cat, Choneez.

Seann William Scott Seann William Scott Seann William Scott
Seann William Scott Seann William Scott Seann William Scott
Seann William Scott Seann William Scott Seann William Scott

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