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Steven Strait


Steven Strait, born in New York City, New York in 1986, is an American actor and model. He grew up in the Greenwich Village section of Manhattan and attended school there as a child.

Steven Strait

Steven has always been interested in the entertainment industry and began taking acting lessons at the age of eleven. In the sixth grade, he began to take performing classes at the Village Community School. Although he was forced into it at first, after he performed live for the first time, he really began to enjoy it. Some of the acting schools included the Stella Adler Acting Studio and the Black Nexus Acting Studio in NYC.

He has always been a good-looking kid. He began to do modeling as a teenager and was able to finance his private school tuition with his modeling gigs. He first began modeling at thirteen (and even had an agent). However, he was truly “discovered” by John Babin of Boss Models agency a few years later while working out in a gym. He was given Babin’s card with a “call me sometime.” Steven placed the call and his career has begun to soar ever since.

Steven Strait

Some of the magazines he has appeared in include L’Uomo Vogue, Spoon Magazine, Details, Surface Magazine and Pop Magazine. He is also highly sought after by top fashion photographers such as Dah Len, Peter Murdoch Ellen von Unwerth, and Bruce Weber. He has also modeled for Harleguin and Hollister advertisement campaigns.

In 2004, after graduating from Xavier High School (in New York City) he moved out to California to pursue a career in show biz. It was not long for him to receive his first role. In fact, he received his first job after his very first audition and in 2005, he debuted in his first movie, Sky High where he plays a bad-boy type (although he is a good guy) teenage superhero named Warren Peace who has the ability to control fire and shoot flames at his enemies.

Coming up very soon is his second movie appearance where he co-stars with Ashlee Simpson (in her movie debut) and Pell James in the movie Undiscovered. The movie is about young people beginning in the entertainment industry who want to become superstars. Steven plays the role of Luke Falcon who want to be a rock n’ roll star.

Steven Strait

When not acting, he is also trying to pursue a career in music and is the lead singer for a band called Tribe. This multitalented youngster also writes the lyrics to their songs. Their first album is due to be released in late 2005.

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Steven Strait Steven Strait Steven Strait
Steven Strait Steven Strait Steven Strait
Steven Strait Steven Strait Steven Strait

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