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Matt James Clifton


Matt James Clifton, born on November 22, 1986, in Tullamore, New South Wales, is an Australian model and actor.

Matt James Clifton

Clifton was born into a small country town of Tullamore, New South Wales, having no more than two hundred people. The youngest of four boys, he was raised and brought through the hardships of the land, bearing the drought year after year until being enrolled into a boarding college in senior high. It was from here that he began to unfold into an on-stage naturalist. Performing in many stage shows within the local community and also competing at regional levels. Here he won an award for 'Best New Talent' at the regional Theaters.

Upon graduation, Clifton ventured to the shores of Sydney to embark on a journey towards his dreams in acting. He landed a number of TV commercials, some including 'Samsung Mobile', 'Netflix', and 'Nutri-Grain'. Also making guest appearances on an ABC Kids show, 'Blue Water High'. Matt's first small break was to be when he secured Lead Host on 'Kidz Biz' but remorsefully turned down the role when given the chance to move to Hollywood.

Matt James Clifton

Clifton was accepted into a prominent LA intensive actors program with the chance to train with some of Hollywood’s best. Taking no time to think the young aspiring actor once again was leaving no stone unturned on his quest to live the dream.

Now, pending a work visa, Clifton is currently studying the craft with eminent Hollywood Directors, Producers, Agents, Talent Managers, Writers and Casting Directors.

Clifton admires the craft of actors Christian Bale, Al Pacino, Hugh Jackman, and Will Smith, and uses their influences in his work. Will in particular, with his natural approach to an immense work ethic. Matt’s natural ability to create intrinsic motivation is a strength that will allow him to deflect obstacles. His love for sports and dedication to the gym keep him fit and on the desired road to healthy living.

Matt James Clifton

Clifton's ever increasingly desire to achieve his goals has found him with opportunities which in themselves have been the essence of his motivation.

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Matt James Clifton Matt James Clifton Matt James Clifton
Matt James Clifton Matt James Clifton Matt James Clifton
Matt James Clifton Matt James Clifton Matt James Clifton
Matt James Clifton Matt James Clifton Matt James Clifton

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