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Ahmed Butt


Ahmed Butt, born November 18, 1975 in Lahore, Pakistan, is a professional model.

Ahmed Butt

Ahmed Butt, originally a boy from next door is now a heart throb of millions. He posseses a face that can launch millions of products. Ahmed Butt always had a passion for modelling and he decided to go to Khawar Riaz, Pakistan's leading Fashion Photographer. Khawar Riaz decided to take Ahmed Butt under his wing and groomed him.

Ahmed had done some modeling before but nothing had been big enough to get him noticed. Kawar gave Ahmed a new identity in the fashion world. A proof of that is when Ahmed bagged the 2003 Lux Style Award for best model of the year. Ahmed has recently also done some work at an international level. He has worked with fashion photographers in France, Italy, and Germany.

Ahmed Butt

Ahmed Butt is now currently married to pop star Humaira Arshad. The two met during the shoot of Humaira's Video "Dholna" ( Lover ). Ever since Ahmed was officialy launched in the fashion world in 1999, he has been a big hit. He has worked for Fashion Designers such as HSY, Meeras, Deepak Parwani, Ammir Adnan, as well as working for top class Photographers such as Khawar Riaz, Deevees, Kashi Butt, and many more.

Among his other acheivements are his latest movie "Salakhien" (Jail Bars), TV Sitcom " Beauty Parlour", Short TV Series "Lalkaar" (Cry of Rage), and "Fauji" (Soldier). Ahmed has also been in a number of videos like Dholna (Lover) and Patang (Kite).

Ahmed Butt Ahmed Butt Ahmed Butt
Ahmed Butt Ahmed Butt Ahmed Butt
Ahmed Butt Ahmed Butt Ahmed Butt

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