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Cameron Mathison


Although Cameron Arthur Mathison was born in Sarnia, Ontario, he grew up in Thornhill, a community just north of Toronto, Ontario where he attended Thornlea High School.

Cameron Mathison

A serious student who did particularly well in math and science, Cameron's striking good looks allowed him to occasionally think about a career as an actor. Smart enough to know that there's a real tough world beyond acting, Cameron decided to continue his studies and moved to Montréal to attend McGill University. After graduating, with a degree in civil engineering, he started to work as a model. His thinking at the time was to earn some extra cash while he tried to decide what to do with the rest of his life. That decision was four years in the future.

Cameron finally made the giant leap and decided to go after his dream to be an actor. Just as he had in school and university, he became a serous student of his craft and he took acting classes. As his confidence grew he began to go out for auditions and not surprisingly, he began to land a few roles. In his brief career so far he has appeared with fellow Northern Stars, Mike Myers and Neve Campbell in 54, landed the role of Rick Eastman in the made-for-television movie, Any Mother's Son, and picked up a role in the TV movie The Defenders. But Cameron is best known for his role as Ryan Lavery in the TV soap opera, All My Children. And there's the rub. He didn't want to be "best-known" for work on a soap opera and so after four years he decided to leave the show.

Cameron Mathison

Given Cameron's serious approach to life and his career, it's a fairly safe bet we'll be seeing more of him soon.

Cameron Mathison Cameron Mathison Cameron Mathison
Cameron Mathison Cameron Mathison Cameron Mathison
Cameron Mathison Cameron Mathison Cameron Mathison

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