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Eugen Bauder


Eugen Bauder was born in 1986 in Alma Ata, the capital of Kazakhstan with german heritage, for those who have never heard of it. He grew up in a city close to Basel and attended school there.

Eugen Bauder
Photo Copyright © 2005 by
Michael Wiehle

Eugen Bauder, the new “Charming Boy” in the model scene, could hardly believe what has been happening to him. At the beginning, the short-spoken Eugen could not believe that he had the charms to be a model. His photos however spoke differently, so when he sent them to some agencies, the responce astonished him.

Eugen spreads unlimited charms, and – which is more important- his photogene is so stunning. His photos speak for themselves: not only with his flawless body and a six-pack, thanks to 14 years swimming; but also with his excessive talent, once being innocent and shy, at the other time being lascivious and passionate.

Eugen Bauder
Photo Copyright © 2005 by Jana Denzler

His very first photos were not even published, yet famous international model agencies have showed their interests. In his still-short modelling career, he has already worked with some famous photographers, such as Mario Testino, Tony Duran, and Karl Simone (12 page editorial for Genre Magazine). He has the cover shot and an editorial story in Hommes Uomo Magazine.

He currently resides in Los Angeles to work and collect some new exciting experiences. Eugen, who has played theatre passionately during his high-school years, was also hoping to meet someone who can help him on building his career in theatrical community. After his two month stay in LA, he will soon be seen in fashion shows in Milan and Paris.

Everything happens just like a dream for Eugen. He still can hardly believe how quickly he has been able to grasp his dreams. He himself said “That’s what I want. To ‘Live my dreams!’, and that’s what I’m doing right now.”

Eugen Bauder
Photo Copyright © 2005 by Mike Georg

Regardless of what he has been achieving, he is still a normal 19 year old teenager. He goes to movies, hooks up with some friends, goes to house parties, and listens to R&B.

Considering the early buzz in his still short modelling career, we should expect to see much more of his face from this new photographers’ darling.

Eugen’s Website:

Eugen Bauder Eugen Bauder Eugen Bauder
Eugen Bauder Eugen Bauder Eugen Bauder
Eugen Bauder Eugen Bauder Eugen Bauder

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