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Lance Lamar


Lance Lamar, born and raised in west of Philadelphia in rural Pennsylvania, is an American fitness model and airline pilot.

Lance Lamar

From the early age of four, Lamar's fascination with airplanes fueled a passion for flying. Right out of high school, he entered a civilian flight academy to start commercial training for an airline career.

Not long after that, a friend convinced him to send pictures to a modeling agency. He was skeptical at first and knew nothing about the modeling industry, but figured it might be a great way to help pay off his student loans.

Lance Lamar

One day at a photo shoot, the art director ask Lamar to be shirtless for one of the shots they were going to take. Since he had always been a very scrawny guy, he did not like the idea of showing off his skinny body! Embarrassing as it was, I complied with their request. But he vowed to himself that, from that day forward, he was going to get his body in shape!

So that's how it started! Lamar had to work very hard, but he was dedicated and really enjoyed seeing his body change. He wasn't shy at the gym when it came to asking questions and learning exercises and techniques. As his modeling career gathered steam, he was soon doing more "body" work than commercial work.

Lance Lamar

After a few years of flying corporate aircraft, Lamar finally got hired by a major U.S. airline. He was very excited. However, the intense training and schedule started to take a toll on his fitness regime. With all the traveling that was involved, he had to approach his fitness lifestyle with tons of planning ahead, and crazy dedication! He now carries food and protein shakes with him on trips and sometimes have to get up to do his cardio at 4:00 am.

After several years with the airline, Lamar's request to transfer to Miami was granted. He moved in with his best friend and lifting partner. Not long after that, they decided to open their own Personal Training Facility in Miami Beach. This business venture has added to his passion for fitness, and he now spends as much time working in the gym as he does flying.

Lance Lamar

Of course, the modeling still gets squeezed into the schedule a couple times a month. Almost all the shoots are fitness or physique oriented, which he loves doing, since the end result is provoking an appreciation for all the hard work that it takes to be in shape.

His goal in fitness and with modeling, is to show how beautiful fitness can be. To be an inspiration to people towards beautifying their own lifestyle through fitness.

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Lance Lamar Lance Lamar Lance Lamar
Lance Lamar Lance Lamar Lance Lamar
Lance Lamar Lance Lamar Lance Lamar

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