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Tracy James


Since the age of 17, when he landed his first national commercial for Clearasil, Tracy James's career has been on the rise.

Tracy James

When Tracy appeared on the cover of a popular calendar, he was requested to appear on the Joan Rivers show. Joan Rivers gave him an extra boost by featuring him on her show, and in return his picture with Joan appeared on the cover of the Enquirer. This strange series of events landed Tracy numerous fitness magazine jobs which were being viewed by the people at Soloflex.

Over the past few years Tracy James' popularity has snowballed into a multi-media sensation. Launching his career as one of the original Soloflex men, he captivated audiences nationwide with his 30-minute infomercial as well as appearing on an instructional video. He soon adorned the covers of many major fitness magazines and national, as well as international calendars.

Tracy James quickly gained recognition from the fitness community; thus his first fitness video, from the "Firm" series, was unveiled. With over 3 million copies sold to date, it has been one of the top five selling workout videos of on the market.

Tracy James

Tracy has recently released three more video`s which will be available on this site. He is currently negotiating another series of tailored video`s for people with disabilities. Tracy continues to work with various charities donating time and money for those in need. Every Thanksgiving you can find him in the kitchen at Gods Love, We Deliver.

A short while later, Cosmopolitan Magazine placed him in the ranks of such super studs as Burt Reynolds, Arnold Schwartzeneggar, Jim Brown and David Hasselhoff when he was voted "Cosmopolitan Man of the Year." Cosmopolitan not only bestowed him with the title of "Man of the Year," but they also placed a pull out centerfold of Tracy in the May 1996 issue; Cosmopolitan's 25th Anniversary issue, which was reserved only for major celebrities up until this point. Tracy can also be found on the covers of Cosmopolitans steamy romance novels and fashion editorials throughout the year.

Catching on quickly to his appealing qualities, Giorgio Armani chose to place Tracy on all of his underwear packaging and advertisements. Tracy James soon appeared in advertising campaigns from over 16 different underwear companies in all. Check the packaging the next time you're browsing through the underwear department of your favorite store. Chances are you'll see Tracy James. Tracy also somehow makes time to finish collage and get his bachelors degree in electrical engineering.

Tracy James

With the wind at his back Tracy James ventured to Europe where the international fashion community warmly accepted him. Working with designers like Valentino, Armani, Versace, and Adolfo Domingez served to propel Tracy James into nearly every major fashion magazine on the rack. One of his most memorable European experiences was working with photographer Steven Meisel, while shooting an editorial for Italian Vogue with Kristi Hugh. One of the photographs from the shoot was selected as the cover shot for Vogue's hard cover anniversary issue.

After years in the business, Tracy James is still every inch as hot as the first time he took off his clothes. From adorning the Armani underwear boxes to the 2xist underwear boxes, demonstrating the Soloflex on infomercials to his slew of fitness videos, from the covers of romance novels to his stint in the late ’90s as Cosmo Magazine’s Man of the Year.

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Tracy James Tracy James Tracy James
Tracy James Tracy James Tracy James
Tracy James Tracy James Tracy James

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