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Wade Robson


Wade Robson, born September 17, 1982, is a choreographer and the creator and host of MTV's "Wade Robson Project".

Wade Robson

Even as a young tot growing up, Wade had a sense that a path leading to a career in the entertainment world was already being mapped out before him. He was dancing just as soon as he figured out how to use his legs; had mastered the moves of the legendary music video, " Thriller ", before he even knew what the word ' prodigy ' meant, and after having won the top prize in a Michael Jackson dance alike contest in his native Australia at the tender age of 5, his life and his destiny soon changed forever. " I want to be a star and make everybody happy while I'm doing it " he once said prophetically. Wade Robson has done exactly just that.

By the time he was seven, Wade had appeared in three of Michael Jackson's biggest videos "Black or White", "Jam" and "Heal the World". Since then, he has choreographed and appeared with Britney Spears in Pepsi commercials and masterminded *NSYNC's multi-platinum Celebrity album. He was also the tour director for Britney's 2001 a Dream Within a Dream Tour.

Wade Robson

With the glare of MTV's "The Wade Robson Project" spotlight behind him, Wade Robson embarks this summer on his biggest project yet: directing his feature film. With such legendary icons as Gene Kelly, Bob Fosse, and director Steven Spielberg who he names as inspiration for his work, the budding young director simply had this to say: " I want to be this big time film director who brings back musicals to the big screen. "

For a small town Brisbane boy with a dream, to Hollywood's premier choreographer, stage director, and music producer, Wade J. Robson has become a legend in his own right. Despite all his success, the dancing man gifted with poster pin-up good looks and a prodigious resume' still remains amazingly grounded.

"I knew I had a talent; all I ever wanted to do was share it, " he said humbly.

With all the achievements and cool job titles he holds, people still ask the all important question: just what is it exactly that Wade Robson doesn't do? His answer is simple: " Sports....I'm not very good at sports, " he admits rather coyly.

Wade Robson

When asked about future plans, he simply replied with a bit of levity, " I want to find a hobby that isn't a job!...Seriously though, I feel blessed to do the job that I do everyday and want to continue it for as long as I can. For now though, I'm just out there having a real good time and loving every minute of it."

Robson's resume included positions as a professional choreographer, dancer, music producer, tour director, recording artist and actor.


Wade Robson Wade Robson Wade Robson
Wade Robson Wade Robson Wade Robson
Wade Robson Wade Robson Wade Robson

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