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Yvan Cournoyer


Yvan Benoit Cournoyer, born in Quebec, is a Canadian model and athlete.

Yvan Cournoyer

Cournoyer was raised on a farm in Quebec with his three younger brothers and was always active either in sport or working on the farm. Passionate about sport, Yvan started working on developing his physique and learning as much as he could about fitness.

In 1999 Cournoyer was named Athlete of the Year in Sherbrooke, Quebec in 1999 and in the same year won a Bronze Medal in the Quebec Bodybuilding Championships in his division. He also placed first in a Gladiator Fighting Competition. Yvan combines his love of extreme action with his passion for health and fitness.

Yvan Cournoyer

In Quebec, Cournoyer was recognized by the Institute Top Modele as Outstanding Model of the Year 2000 which also brought him to the attention of internationally recognized photographers Herb Klein and Brent McTavish. Herb Klein is currently working on a photography book in which Yvan is featured while Brent has an outstanding selection of YVAN art work available for sale on several web sites.

It seemed Cournoyer was gaining quite a bit of attention and he decided it was time to move to a bigger city. He packed up everything he owned and armed with just a very little bit of English, moved to Vancouver, British Columbia.

Yvan Cournoyer

Upon moving to Vancouver, Cournoyer became a certified personal trainer and quickly became one of the most internationally acclaimed trainers. He brings such a "joie de vivre" to personal training that his clients feel relaxed from the outset of their programs. He travels the world training celebrities and recently trained a recent Miss Universe winner.

In April 2002, Cournoyer was the subject of a major photo feature of Playgirl Magazine. This feature raised Yvan's stature to that of an internationally recognized model and he has since appeared on the covers of countless magazines, books on the male physique, and three more times in follow up issues of Playgirl.

Today, Cournoyer is recognized internationally and travels throughout Europe and North America shooting with a variety of photographers. He has starred in three workout videos and a series of other videos with Mega Muscle Productions. His site for members launched the summer of 2004 and is constantly updated.

Yvan Cournoyer

For the future, Cournoyer wants to continue modeling and expand in to acting. He is currently the face (and body!) of Ginch Gonchunderwear and has just finished shooting a pilot involving his adventures. No matter what the future holds for Cournoyer, you can be sure he will approach it with the positive outlook that his fans have come to love!

Official site:

Yvan Cournoyer Yvan Cournoyer Yvan Cournoyer
Yvan Cournoyer Yvan Cournoyer Yvan Cournoyer
Yvan Cournoyer Yvan Cournoyer Yvan Cournoyer

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