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Dome Pakorn Lum


Dome Pakorn Lum, born September 12, 1979, is a Thai singer and former model.

Dome Pakorn Lum

Lum started his career not in music but as a commercial model at a tender age of six. Thirty or so commercials after, he has established himself as a popular commercial model, being visible in tv and print media. It was not a surprise that this fact got the attention of top RS Promotion talent scout Surachai Chetchotisak. It also helped that he lives near RS Promotion. Lum immediately accepted the offer, having played music for fun in a band at his high school.

1996 saw the release of Lum's self-titled first album that took Thailand by storm selling over one million copies. It also served as an introduction to the high energy techno-dance music Lum will soon be known for. Another thing that caught the attention of the Thai people was Lum's enigmatic aura that seems to permeate from his performances to every aspect of his music.

Dome Pakorn Lum

As a testament to his success and talent, he was part of two succesful compilation albums, The Next and X-Venture, which again sold pretty well, securing Lum and the other artists' hold on Thai music's pop dance market.

Two more top-selling albums followed, Dangerous Dome and Dome Reaction, the latter being a collection of some of his past hits. Some of his faster songs are bending into the rock genre, showing Lum's succesful experimentation or merging of rock, techno and dance. He is also a DJs in his free time, so its no surprise that he decided to include it in his music.

Dome Pakorn Lum

As for the slow songs, replacing the "catchy hooks" are creatively placed DJ scratching, a welcome change from the usual "pause", "change in dynamics from decrescendo to crescendo", lessening the dramatics commonly seen in most ballads. Humorously, then his music would be partly dance -techno -rock- ballad? Hehehe. I guess this change is a sign of some maturity in Dome's musical direction, and an introduction to everyone for Dome as a musician.

Lum spends his free time DJing in clubs and watching movies. He prefers psycho movies to action and comedy.

Dome Pakorn Lum Dome Pakorn Lum Dome Pakorn Lum
Dome Pakorn Lum Dome Pakorn Lum Dome Pakorn Lum
Dome Pakorn Lum Dome Pakorn Lum Dome Pakorn Lum

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