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Jerry Yan


He is dubbed as Asia's next BIG thing following the footsteps of HK's Heavenly Kings as Andy Lau, Leon Lai, Jackie Cheung and Aaron Kwok.

Jerry Yan

However, 28 year old, Jerry Yan (Yan Cheng Xu), star of Taiwan's Meteor Garden Series, didn’t see his own brilliance shine until 2001. Before he starred with three, equally "glorious" men in the aforementioned series and altogether, becoming known as F4, Jerry Yan, has worked his way up the entertainment business as a model doing ramp shows and starring in other artists' MVs. In 2000, he topped in Men UNO's Modeling Competition (Taiwan). After then, he did a cameo role in the series Girls' Marching On and also acted in some episodes of Ma La Xian Shi.

When Meteor Garden I was released in 2001, F4 (Flower Four, which means men are beautiful than flowers) is formed and was introduced to the media in April of that year. It has been said that Meteor Garden has brought F4 a shot into ultimate stardom, and ever since then, they were regularly seen appearing in different TV shows, handling several interviews and even endorsing and advertising lots of products on TV and in prints. F4 has been a household name in other countries as China, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, and even in non-Chinese speaking countries as Thailand, Japan and the Philippines; their popularity even reached as far as the US, Canada and Australia. F4 has worked on the same projects, releasing two albums: Meteor Rain (2001) and Fantasy 4Ever (2002) until early 2003. They were also engaged in several concerts all over East Asia, Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia; however, while busy either shooting for the TV series or recording for the album, each of F4 has managed to do individual projects on the sides. Jerry Yan's acting prowess, alone, was put into test when he was given a major role together with two of HK's top actors, Jackie Cheung and Karen Mok, in the series "Love Scar". F4 also did the series Meteor Rain and Meteor Garden 2 in 2002.

Jerry Yan

Even though they have started working as a group, each F4 has earned their own individual followers; thus, working alone, their popularity seemed unwavering. Jerry, himself, has earned lots of credits under his name. He has been signed up to endorse different products within Taiwan and overseas (Japan's Tobaby Shampoo – 2001, China’s S&K Clothing (w. F4) – since 2002, and Philippines' Bench Clothing – since 2003). In April 2002, he released his own photo book entitled Amphibian, which sales have reached a record high of 2 Million copies worldwide. This book has three versions - Mandarin, Thai, and Japan has just recently released its own version.

In January 2004, he filmed "The Magic Kitchen", starring HK’s superstars Sammi Cheng, Andy Lau and Maggie Q, among others. This movie was released in Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines, dubbed in both Mandarin and Cantonese. Apart from doing the movie, which started shooting in September 2003, Jerry was also busy completing his solo album, which according to his fans has been long overdue, as he was expected to have released his own album ahead of his colleagues in 2001. It may have taken him three years to finally release his album (August2004), Jerry For You, but all his hard work has been paid off as he remained on top of the charts despite being pitted against friend, Jay Chou, who also released his album at around the same time. Jerry For You has three different versions – all of which received excellent sales feedback, still, both in Taiwan and abroad.

Jerry Yan

Jerry has gone from one city to another and flown from country to country, within East Asia, and including the Philippines, busily promoting his album. He even had his own solo mini-concert in Taipei in October 2001. All these events were well attended by his fans both from his locality and overseas. Endorsements have continually poured into his schedule led by Pepsi, UHA Candy, and S&K and Bench Clothing, among others. In November, he graced the MNET Korean Awards where he was awarded Best Artist, and he bagged the Best Newcomer and Best Song (for the song, “Gravity”) Awards at the recently concluded China Pop Music Awards (held in Beijing) in January 2005.

Currently, Jerry Yan has just gone back to Taipei from Hong Kong/China working on a new endorsement project by Pepsi and there are talks of a new series, a new movie and might be a new album within the year. There has also been a plan of re-uniting F4 for a separate Pepsi endorsement, and another World Tour Concert Series by end of year. Indeed, with the pace his career is going, Jerry Yan’s garden will soon be full of meteors, and expectedly, his stars would continue on shining brightly in the years ahead.

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