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Shane Filan


Shane Filan was born on 5 July 1979 in Sligo in the Republic of Ireland. Like all his family religion is important to him and he prays every night. His parents, Peter and Mae, have two other sons, Finbar and Liam, and three daughters, Yvonne, Denise and Mairead. With his dark brown hair and hazel green eyes he may seem sensible and quiet but was known to be quite a naughty young lad in school, mainly becouse of his so called short attention span.

Shane Filan

Singing: Shane has been singing since he was just a little boy. He loved singing so much that his mum made him a Microphone from bits a peices. The family still own it as it has great sentimental value. Growing up he would be entered into tallent contests giving him a chance to sing infront of people, ofcourse he went down well.

Horse Riding: Singing was never the only love of shanes life but growing up in beatifull Sligo he had grown a strong love for Horse Riding. Something he was also extremely good at. Since he was very young he would enter horse riding competitions. And on many occasions won!. at just around the age of 5 he was a proud champion and had a few horse riding trophies to prove it. When he is back in Sligo, to relax Shane loves to go and ride his horses, he has 5 of them!.

Taste Of Fame: One of shanes first tastes of stardom was back in his hometown Sligo where with friends Kian and Mark formed the band I.O.U. The band however never made it big and where only really known in Sligo. However Shanes mum Mai got in contact with a record company that likes what they saw and from there Westlife where formed. Westlife started out with the band name Westside, and members Nicky Byrne and Bryan McFadden where added. The bands name was changed after finding out another american band had the same name.

Shane Filan

Goodsides to fame: The most exciting aspect of Westlife's success is that he can afford to indulge one of his favourite hobbies - shopping. Shane loves long sleeved shirts and his favourite designers are Dolce & Gabbana. Ideally he would love a Ferrari but instead he bought a BMW last year, which his father drives because Shane hasn't had time to drive it himself.
He also loves to treat his family and reasently had plans to build a mansion in sligo for his parents. And im sure his horses get a few extra treats when shanes comes home too.

Downsides of fame: Shanes short attention span means that flying is one of the least favourite aspects of his life with Westlife. When their career began he even thought the one-hour flight from Dublin to London was too long. Imagine how bored he gets flying across the Atlantic or even worse to the Far East and Australia.
Shane has also had to learn to live with being away from home. Something he really finds hard especially when he knows he wont be back for a month or 2. Shane once said the last time he cryed was when he had to leave his mum, even if its for a few weeks shane still gets upset about leaving his family. To help him biy he talks to his mum every night over the phone.

Shane Filan

Homelife: Shane may now be a member of one of the biggest selling bands on the UK and Ireland but it hasnt gone to his head. Whenever he went back to Sligo he used helps out in the Family Cafe, The Carlton Cafe (which is now closed) Growing up Shane would love to help out in the cafe kitchen. Naturally he only feals its right to help out with his family business. His family is his main priority next to his singing career and ofcourse if there where ever any family problems he would be straight over there.

Other Hobbies: as we know are horse rideing, no doubt he'd have plenty of opportunity to go horse rideing if his dreams came true and he eventually built his perfect home - a mansion in his native Sligo. Obviously he would prefer to share his mansion with his dream woman but what would she be like? Shane says looks are not the most important thing (he just can't understand people who have plastic surgery) but rather the inner qualities. His ideal woman would be cute, cuddly and, of course, in love with him.

Musical Influences: Musically, his biggest idol is Michael Jackson, who he would also love to meet. The first record Shane bought was Billy Joel's 'Uptown Girl' which Westlife reasently made a cover version of. It's no surprise, however, that one of his favourite songs is from Take That - 'Back For Good', A band Westlife have looked up to aswell as US Boyband The Backstreet Boys Not only can Shane sing like a dream, he can also play guitar.
Shanes loves all kinds of music, such people as Craig David, Michael Jackson (ofcourse) Faith Hill, George Michael and the Backstreet Boys have no doubt graced his CD player.

Shane Filan

Price of Beauty: Its not just Shanes voice that atracts the fans, but his looks. something he doesnt think are 'all that'. Sometimes he looks in the mirror and wonders why? all these people fancy me. Shane is not only very ambitious but also conscientious, too. But maybe Shane just isn't aware of his effect on women and some men even. Shane seems to be becoming more and more popular as the days go by, At concerts banners wave with words of love for shane, even more this Valentines Day gave shane over 3,000 valentine cards and gifts, making him the hottest irish lad in town!.

Love Life: It was once told by shane that "Because of the demands of a pop career he doesn't feel ready for a girlfriend", as he is sure: 'The girl would only suffer and I'm not a one-night stand type of guy'. However he does have a girlfriend, he had been seeing her secretly until it was reasently revealed, a girl from his Home Town of Sligo and cousin of band member Kian Egan, Gillian Walsh. He has been seeing her for over a year, they have been close friends since child-hood.

Dream Home: Shane has always dreamed of living with the woman he loves in his dream house, shane once quoted on a perfect life..

"I'd like to wake up somewhere in the countryside, and have a big breakfast out on a patio in front of a lake. Then I'd go for a walk with my beautifull wife and two kids - a girl and a boy. We'd stroll down to the lake that would have a few swans, and just relax. Then i'd go horse riding, have a big dinner with a few glasses of red wine, then go to bed and snuggle up. Someday, I'm going to sit at that lake and look back over a good and happy life."

Shane has been making his dreams reality with the expensive building work thats been put into a huge mansion home that is going to be built for him and Gillian. Near to Sligo in Ireland, there will also be another home built for his parents. See the plans for the house here: Dream Home

His one fear is that he and Westlife become so successful and well-known that it would be difficult to live a normal life. To have the paparazzi camped outside his house and having to go around in disguise would be a nightmare for him. Luckily for shane is hasnt came to that as yet, and hopefully never will.

Shane Filan

The Future: What does the future hold for Shane Steven Filan, Alot thats what, Shane has alot of tallent and has proven it by helping his band Westlife to become one of the biggest bands in Europe and Asia. As with all bands There is usually a split up and a stretch out into the open with a Solo Career. For Shane im sure this will be one of the most successfull and rewarding steps of his Musical Career. Heres to the future Shane.
As for now Westlife are going from strenght to strength with the huge success of the "World of our Own - in the round Tour" and the huge platinum sales of "World Of Our Own" they are soon to release a Greatest Hits collection followed by a world tour to promote the release of the power ballad "Unbreakable" and the release of The greatest Hits album in November 2002.

Shane Filan Shane Filan Shane Filan
Shane Filan Shane Filan Shane Filan
Shane Filan Shane Filan Shane Filan

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